The Boot Scoop – September 2013

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Boot Scoop


Hard to believe this, but Happy Anniversary Neon Boots 1 month since our opening day!

A little old business to finish up, we would like to thank our friends and the businesses that generously provided door prizes and other contributions for our grand opening weekend:





Acadian Bakers – – Sandy Bubbert – Fabulous Chocolate Boot Cake
Anita Williams – 2 Hour Private Dance Lessons
Anthony Bures – – $100 Gift Certificate
Big Tex Bingo – 281-586-0700 – Jim Daily – BINGO Gift Certificate
Cavender’s Boot City – – Belt Buckles
Railroad Crossing – 713-896-4000 – Rodney & Ron – BBQ Gift Certificates
The Family Jewels – 832-526-6911 – Ginger – Custom Straw Hat
Urban Western Houston – 713-864-4892- Bob & James – $100 Gift Certificate

We believe in supporting our community businesses. Please consider shopping with these, “Family”, owned businesses when you have the need for their products or services.


  • Every Thursday night 7:30 – 9:30pm FREE Dance Classes huge SUCCESS! Big THANK YOU to our guest instructors, Kimber, Wesley and to our awesome Dance Coordinator, Don Curran! Come on out and learn some new ways to scoot your boots with some of the country’s best dance champions and instructors. Have 2 left feet? Don’t worry some else will have 2 right feet! No partner necessary!
  • “Kickin’ It At The Neon”, our first show/fundraiser rocked! Thanks to all who came out to support PWA Holiday Charities, TGRA and ERSICSS. Craig Sanford and all the wonderful performers raised over $4,000!
    Congratulations C.J. and Dale on the debut of your new RWB Premium Vodka. It is sure to be a best seller!

• Neon Boots was invaded by the Real Housewives of Orange County! Vicki is a party animal!


Loved it! Y’all come back now ya hear! We never know who will walk in the door at NB!

  • Birthday Party turned Marriage Proposal on September 15th! Thomas surprised Oscar at what he thought was his birthday party. Family & friends offered empty ring boxes to Oscar on the dance floor; the song, “ Will you marry me?” played in the background, while Thomas with the ring, on bended knee, made his proposal! Oscar said “Yes”! Congratulations guys!


  • Now you can find us without looking for the go cart track …”and here’s your sign”! Our street sign is up and the lettering and our big NEON BOOT will be installed on the building soon!
  • We are breaking wind everywhere! We have installed 20 new fans to keep the air flowing and more A/C is on the way!
  • Drink railing installed at stage end of dance floor. Your safety is our main concern. People standing and drinks on the dance floor are an accident waiting to happen. Ask me about my 3 broken ribs and fractured wrist at the BRB last year. Nothing is worse than dodging people or wet spots that should not be on the dance floor. We are hopeful that the drink rail, “The OK Corral” at the stage end will help resolve the issue. It was the place to be last weekend!
  • Beer Bar installed for no waiting for beer or bottled waters! Go see Marsha Mellow!
  • The Boot Shiner’s – Kathy & Tami custom made the ostrich boot stand for Neon Boots and they will make your old boots look brand new! Nothing better than polishing off a nice cocktail, having a foot message that makes your boots shine and watching the dance floor from the best seat in the house!
  • Check out the new General Store in front lobby. Lots of NB stuff and some new specialty items are coming soon!
  • The Pool Tables are moving to the other side by the DJ Booth to eliminate traffic for the pool players and free up area at back bar.
  • Disco Boots over the dance floor! Those are actually my first pair of boots that I broke in at the old Ranch about 20+ years ago! A great big THANK YOU to Maurice & Nicole at Bobbitt Glass for custom making them for us! Brought tears to my eyes when I picked them up. Just in time for the Ranch Reunion this weekend! My boots will always be on the dance floor!


  • New Drink Specials every Weekend! This weekend Sept 27th & 28th featuring:
    Garth Brooks & Trisha Yearwood: Garth’s “Shameless Shooter” & “Trisha’s Tang”!
  • You asked for it, you got it! This weekend will be our first to feature a FOOD TRUCK! Monika with Mon’s Meals has everything from Taco’s to Rib Eyes! Good prices too: $5 – $12. Starts at 6:00pm Saturday night, Sept 28th, EAT, DRINK, DANCE!
  • Esquire Room – Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Championship Texas Wines & Infusion Drinks
    Having a Special Event? Reserve the Esquire Room or the Stage Area – VIP Seating, Private Parties and Bottle Service!
  • We are booking the BANDS! Bryan Loftin & the Texas Reflections – October 11th (Tickets on sale now!)
  • The men of Magic Mike October 20th at 9PM after the Selena St John Show “Lean on Me”
  • HALLOWEEN COSTUME CONTEST! Saturday, Oct 26th CASH PRIZES : 1st – $500, 2nd – $250 & 3rd – $100
    $50 Bar Tabs for: Scariest, Funniest, Sexiest, Most Original, Campiest, Most Country, Most Advanced


This month, Neon Boots is proud to profile one of our wonderful bartenders: Patrick Daugherty

Patrick Daugherty

Patrick moved to Houston 2 years ago from New York City, somebody “ git a rope”, where he was a high school history teacher for 7 years. He has 15 years of experience working as a bartender in everything from a yacht club to a riverboat casino! He is also a finish carpenter, making everything from custom furniture to disappearing doorways. He is a licensed Realtor®, has a Bachelor’s of Arts in European History & French and may be holding an educational seminar and discussion group here at NB to share some fascinating facts about the history of the Gay Culture.

If this guy can’t get you loaded, nobody can! He served 6 years in the Navy on the USS Valdez Destroyer as a Torpedoman’s Mate! He is the creator of a new house drink, the “Debbie Diane”, I kinda like it! It’s not as strong as a Texas Tea and is very refreshing with all the fruits for your vitamin C! Try one!

So if you don’t already know this great guy, come on by and see him for one of his classic cocktail recipes, some intelligent conversation and thank him for serving in the military for our great country!

That’s all for now! Don’t forget to tell us what think, the Suggestion Boot is in the front lobby and we are listening to you!
Until next month, happy dancing! See ya on the dance floor!